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The annual State of the Industry Report
is now available!

ETC members will find the dashboard login under the "Resources" tab to access an abbreviated version of the report featuring responses to five of the survey questions. The full report contains highlights from eleven survey questions and was provided to those individuals who completed the survey.

State of the Industry Report

Find a summary of the Report here.

Spring Roundtable Discussion

2015 Spring Roundtables 

These "grassroots" meetings provide fun and stimulating networking opportunities.

April 7th 
Boston, MA
April 16th
Chicago, IL
April 9th 
Washington, DC
April 21st
Los Angeles, CA
April 14th
New York, NY
April 23rd
San Fran, CA


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Tunisia Webinar October 1st - 30 Sep - 11:03 pm

The Penn Alumni Travel office will be hosting a "live" webinar at noon about Tunisia on Wednesday, October 1st at Noon E...

Members: Discover Bogota! - 15 Sep - 9:18 pm

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IUAA Director of Alumni Travel - 3 Sep - 1:14 pm

Lead IU’s alumni travel program, with the goal to make the IUAA a first-in-class alumni travel and personal enrichment...

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